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This is a picture of an old painting. The painting shows a man writing behind a writing desk. He has paused his writing: his right hand with a pen is beside the paper, he supports his forehead with his left hand, his eyes are closed. He wears a black coat in the rahter dark room. On his desk are many books, a flat stone with a large ink well on top, a large oil lamp, and other utilities for a writer. We look upon the man at an almost straight angle and we look upon his desk. There is daylight on his desk and on his face, the oil lamp is off. His closed eyes, his agony and the dark background make the painting lonely, pitiful and sinister.


Beoordeling van Habonne Robust 5-delige pannensetDutch
Beurteilung von Intenso Kaffee von LidlGerman
Future adoption of GNU/LinuxBritish English
Beoordeling van Rhodia schrift A5 zwartDutch
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